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Registrar of Morgans in New Zealand

The club, by means of the Registrar, maintains the New Zealand Register that includes the 240 cars and three wheelers currently known to exist in New Zealand including:

  • Three Wheelers (Trikes/M3W) from 1914 to present day
  • Classic Series from 1936 to present day including 4-4, +4, Roadster, +6 & +8
  • Aero Series from 2001 to present day.
The Register strives to record all new Morgans that arrive in NZ along with all sales of cars. The validity of the Register is dependent on information provided by owners. If you have a new arrival or have a Morgan lurking in a dark garage somewhere please let us know.

Adding your Morgan on the Register

A quick process of filling out a New Owner form and then e-mailing it to the Registrar. Download the owner form.

Is my car on the Register?

Simply send an e-mail with your Morgan model, year and registration plate number and I will check and reply. Please note that all information is confidential to the present owner and information will not be released to 3rd parties without permission.

The History of my Morgan

The club has extensive records of older Morgans in NZ that present owners can access, however they are in a typed state. Requests should be addressed to the club librarian Peter Alderdice,, 09 5308834.