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Techo hints from Derek Atkinson

From the Workshop – Safety Check

Packing the parcel shelf on a Morgan can be quite challenging fitting everything in when we go touring.

Once everything is packed down tight there is a safety check that needs to be done.

On late model cars, the inertia belt begins behind the parcel shelf, can be caught amongst the luggage, and cannot run free.

So, before getting into the car to drive off, give the belts a sharp tug to ensure that they run free and lock sufficiently.

Rust, as they say, never sleeps and Morgans are not immune to their share of the brown stuff.

But is there any thing it that can be done to keep it at bay before it gets serious enough to have to call me for assistance.

One of the worst areas for rusting and one of the most neglected is the floor of the tool box under the bonnet.

The seldom used jack is usually wrapped in an old towel or rag and tends to get wet after an outing in the rain or just washing the car, and often does not get the chance to dry out.

This moisture tends to fuel the onset of rust under the rubber mat. I have seen cars that have literally handfuls of flaky paint and rust on the floor of the tool box.

Of course these days the cars have bulkheads that are made in stainless. The tool box requires small spaces between the bulkhead and tool box to assist drainage and this gap should be kept clear.

If you do find you have a problem in this area a good scrape down and some hand painting can help to keep your car in tip top condition. While you are in there just check that the jack is not seized up with rust and a little oil here will be worthwhile.